The Truth.. an introduction

It was the beginning of yet another week. But I had no clue about it.This constant and never-ending term of joblessness seem to have crippled me.While everyone goes out to work, its just like another holiday for me. The constant  pressure to do something regular and the constant  desire to do something different had resulted in a war inside.While the thoughtful brain constantly runs like a “daemon thread” trying to find out a way to do something to please the family….to do something to slam the society’s stupid and unwanted criticisms and filthy questions that are constantly becoming a trouble to healthy existence, the clueless mind on the other hand is still weaving knots of all those unfulfilled desires,constantly checking the wishlist.What more can you expect after that? A series of argument with reasons from both side… a brain pretending to be over mature and a mind trying to break the shackles and let loose.
This is perhaps something that we experience when we live two lives at a time. I never wanted to be someone I am today. This is something that can’t be undone or erased from the past. As a kid, I liked to dream and I dreamt to live.My imagination would have no limits, and by the time I  came back to reality, I realized that not all can be lucky enough to choose a profession of their choice. The desire to convert my thoughts, imagination and dreams into the big screen was not enough to fight against those who decided my career. Engineering was never a choice, it was a compulsion. A force to secure a better future. Perhaps they were right. The future could have been better if I could continue killing my dreams each year. But then suddenly everything seemed so suffocating.The job,the life, the place…. !!Life was just passing away..and I didn’t have time for it. Chocked and disgusted I quit…but then little did I know..that the ghost of my past will still haunt me…
Yet another week will pass and I won’t get a clue about it. And may be the reason is… I still couldn’t gather the guts to listen to my heart.Time has made me weak… a coward …still searching for a secure hold..! I am still scared of the ocean … I am still scared of the crowd….I still have to learn the truth….I still need courage to go out in the middle of the road and boldly shout…
“Let It Go”!!
I still need guts to kill my brain and say…
“Let my heart live…. let it dream again”..


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