Plassey: A tale of Trust and Betrayal. Part III

Mir Jafar thought Siraj might have summoned him for a warfare discussion. He knew, after Mir Madan, he was the rightful candidate for the post. But little did he know that his dirty secrets were known. Unaware of the fact, he entered Siraj’s tent where Mohanlal and other officers were waiting.
“Ah! Mir Jafar! I had been waiting for you. Have a seat”, said Siraj.
Mir Jafar took his seat and replied,” I have heard of yesterday’s sad incident my Lord. We have lost Mir Madan. Tell me sir if I can be of any use to you”.
“You can be very useful Mir Jafar” replied Siraj,”Just tell me the amount that the British have promised you in exchange of my head”.
Mir Jafar was puzzled. It was a sudden shock to him. Someone must have leaked their plans. He knew he was in trouble.
“What are you talking about my Lord? I do not understand a word”!
“Doesn’t your conscience hurt you? You are deceiving and betraying your own Nawab for those who are nothing but a bunch of foreign merchants? You are a traitor. And I banish you for your life. Get lost!” Siraj shouted. He then turned towards Mohanlal and ordered,” Mohanlal ask this man to leave my state. Tell him that I am gifting him his life in return of the favour he did to my grandfather long back.”
Mir Jafar fell to his knees.
“Forgive me my Lord! Please forgive me. I do not know what happened to me. It has to be the Devil himself who made me do it. Give me a last chance to prove myself Lord. Do not banish me. I cannot carry the shame of a traitor all my life.” cried Mir Jafar.
But Siraj did not move. He was fuming with anger.
Mir Jafar was at his feet crying like a child. He continued,” My Lord, I do not wish to humiliate my country. Forgive me. Give me one last chance and I shall be your best man in driving them out. The British shall not gain a penny from me. Trust me my Lord. Trust me”.
Siraj believed him and thought of giving him one last chance.
“Get up Mir Jafar. I do not wish to humiliate you any further. Your country, your men and your Nawab needs you the most. Here is my turban. I keep it down in your feet. It carries our pride. We are on the verge of losing it. Defend it. Help me save our pride. “
Siraj lowered down his royal turban.
“Can I count on you?” Siraj asked helplessly.
Mir Jafar raised the royal turban and replied, “You can my Lord. I will not let you lose our pride. We shall fight back.”
Siraj put back his turban and said, “Thank you, Mir Jafar. I forgive you. But remember, this is your last chance to prove yourself. Stay true to yourself. Be honest and may Allah bless us to victory.”
“I shall prove myself my Lord”.
On gaining Mir Jafar’s confidence, Siraj was relaxed.He turned towards Mohanlal with a smile of applause. Their plan seemed to work.
The army was waiting for Siraj to command. After much discussion with Mohanlal,Mir Jafar,Rai Durlabh and French chief St. Frais, Siraj decided to shape his army in the form of an arch. He made Mohanlal the new Commander of the army. Mohanlal led the army with 5000 cavalry and 7000 infantry. Behind him the rest of the army was in the form of an arch. The right arm of the army was commanded by Rai Durlabh,the centre by Yar Lutuf Khan and the left arm closest to the British by Mir Jafar. St Frais commanded the French army from near the larger tank which was within a mile from the British camp.Clive on the other hand was trying to figure out the plan from the roof of his hunting lodge.The first cannon ball was shot by the French army towards the English camp.The cannon ball came like a surprise and hit the centre of the camp.The battle had begun.
Mohanlal’s plans were simple.He wanted to capture the British camp with his soldiers while the rest of the army behind him would keep them busy.The plan was that once St.Frais starts bombing from his end,the rest of the army in the form of an arch would start bombing in order to cover Mohanlal who in the meantime would charge towards the British camp. Things started as planned. Mohanlal was waiting for his chance. But after sometime he realised that the bombing was only from the French side. The British army easily replied back. The entire army behind him was still. They didn’t move an inch.

to be continued…..

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