The day wasn’t any better. Things had started to be different quite a few days. She thought she was just the same and he thought she had changed. But He was not totally wrong. Life was moving fast for her. New friends, new life, new place; it was a new beginning. But her love for him was just the same.
It started about a year ago. The two met each other at a common friend’s party. She saw him; a sweet guy sitting in the corner with a continuous shuffle of drinks and that black guitar. It was the New Year eve. Though she was constantly distracted by a good number of male attentions, her eyes kept checking that corner. He seemed to be in a different world, looking outside the window, feeling the chill of the December breeze. There was something special in him. He saw her too. A charming pretty girl sitting in the centre; she seemed to be the perfect reason for the party to be attractive.
That was the first meeting. It was all a gradual process after that. First hours of chatting in facebook, then regular top-ups for night balance, then movies, dinner and finally love. Love was inevitable it seemed. They were made for each other.
Months passed like hours. He shifted to a new city in search of a job. She followed him there to pursue her long unfulfilled career. Things were fine at the beginning. But then it wasn’t all same as before. Her new friends, new life started taking her away. He was struggling hard. He couldn’t get a foothold to fight back. Joblessness, constant failure led him to frustration and despair. He started being insecure. She stayed busy with her life. Differences came up. Fights were frequent and the “happy couple” feeling was long lost. She found him overreacting. He found her ignoring him. And in the entire time, Love was the only thing missing.
Her new friends and late night parties were ever increasing. And he stayed alone waiting for her. He craved for her time. He wanted her presence. But she was way too busy in her life. The new city seemed to have mesmerized her way too much. Her priorities kept changing. He tried to settle down with everything until that day.
That day, it was his interview; a final chance to try his luck. She was still sleeping after a heavy late night party, when he left. All the way he tried calling her, she didn’t respond. He wanted her to wish him luck, but she didn’t. He cleared each round and tried calling her but in vain. By the time she woke, she saw more than 10 missed calls from him. She called back. But he couldn’t answer. He was having his final round of interview, the last round that would decide his fate. She tried again and again. And each time his cell phone would vibrate he would be distracted. The act though wasn’t much appreciable by the interviewer. She thought he might be avoiding her. The slightest thought of the fact that he might be busy in the interview didn’t cross her mind even for a second. The reason was simple. She had no clue about his interview. Out of disgust, she planned a quick party, switched off her cell phone and went out with her friends.
In the evening when he returned, he was once again a lost warrior. But this time the reason was She! He came back to find her gone. The frustration and disgust filling in him had to make an outburst. He waited for her to come.
She arrived at midnight, drunk, dropped by some of her newly made male friends. He couldn’t control his anger. The result was a high volume fight which left both parties shattered. He knew she didn’t love her anymore. She had found a new life where he had no place. But she pleaded for one more chance. She tried to prove her worth. But he wasn’t ready. He called it off. His love had lost to her new life. He decided to walk out of her life. Even She thought to give up. She thought her friends could fill his gap.
Today, after years when I see them, I see two unhappy souls trying to adjust in the wicked world. He got a job and she had graduated from college. Still Life seemed to have stopped for them. They were still stuck at the night that separated them. Neither could her friends take his place nor could He get anyone in life. To me, they were just one of those million broken souls in the crowd who cannot move on, but just revolve around the sweet memories. It wasn’t love that was lost that night. It was trust that was lost, the minimum trust required to cope up with the faults they had. Love isn’t easy to forget. All they needed that night was just a little patience. May be, patience could have changed their lives forever. May be, patience could have ignited the spark in them that was once the reason for their happiness. May be patience could have brought them back together again.

(inspired from the song “Patience” by Guns N Roses.)

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