A Lost Battle

When I look at the mirror,
I see a different me..
A tired warrior stands there
Fighting to be free…!!

His life is just a cycle
With love n loads of pain,
All the loved ones ditched him
And still he tried in vain!

The brave man charged alone,
Keeping his emotions aside,
But fate hit him hard,
With wounds that were wide!

Struggling in the woods
With the deadly fate of life
The poor warrior was captured,
Bleeding with his own knife!!

The only person he trusted
Stamped his trust so hard..
That he shouted aloud
But could never be heard..!!

His love was lost..
In this deadly fight;
He was left in pain
With no hope and light.

Today he stands captive;
Life has defeated him well.
He stands alone in tears
In fate’s dirty cell…!!

Tired and disgusted
He wants to be free…
And in the mirror
His reflection is just like me!!


  1. i know you so i can say..you can take anybody’s life and make the feel rejuvenated through your poetry bro..kudos to this poetry

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