Is North-East in INDIA?


Before I choose to explain the reason for such weird and controversial title, I have just one question. How many of you readers can actually name all the states along with their capitals in the North East? Try it. You’ll understand what I am talking about.
The reason for this blog post is because of the utter disgust due to the ignorance of people about the place. I am from Agartala, Tripura. (Wonder where?) It is the last tip of the North-eastern stretch surrounded by Bangladesh on 3 sides.
It has been 5 years now I am staying outside of my hometown. And believe me, in the entire 5 years the only thing I hated the most was when I was asked, “Hey, Shamik where are you from”?
The reason is because I am tired of the blank look I get on the faces when I tell them about my place.
Some say, “Oh! It must be in Assam.”
Some drag it to Burma. And some thinks it to be a different country.
My question is “Why?” Why would my fellow Indians be so negligent about this part?
Please for God’s sake, Tripura is not in Assam and Mizoram is not Manipur.
It’s like, “oh! Karnataka and Tamil Nadu is the same thing!” or may be, “Haryana is the capital of Punjab!”
Does it make sense?
I have grown up reading murders and useless killings everyday in the newspaper. When the entire country was busy with Pakistan and Osama Bin Laden, people in North East were killed, their houses were burnt down. We talk about insurgency. I bet, the government doesn’t have the count of the population expansion because of the easy access from Bangladesh. I have seen India-Bangladesh border in Tripura where there are pillars for about 1 km but no barb wires. How do you expect some 3-4 BSF jawans to guard the entire area properly?
People might know about PoK(Pak occupied Kashmir). But do you know about the part of Arunachal Pradesh illegally captured by China since the 1962 war? In a recent display in China, Arunachal Pradesh was included in the Chinese map and was named “South Tibet”. People living in the border get all their daily requirements from China but are called Indians. Think of their confusion!
When I talk about terrorism, Kashmir comes in our mind. Quite natural. It is because that is where media is more interested about. But for Assam, the problem is from 1970. ULFA did it all. Now bomb blasts and killings are like viral fever there. Every one or the other day someone is the victim. But still rest of the India has no clue.
NLFT was the terrorist group that led to many innocent killings in Tripura, including the health minister of Tripura Bimal Sinha. Though these days they are not much efficient, but still there was a time when the entire state fought a mini-war, a war for survival.
I cannot blame the citizens completely. The government and the media are equally involved. When big cities kept getting promoters to build KFCs, Mc Donalds and beautiful malls, Agartala got its first railway station in 2008,61 years after Independence(though meter gauge).
Well, I am not asking the rest of the country to feel pity for us. I am just asking them to stop turning their back towards us.
India is a land of diversity. Very true. And in north east you can find them so beautifully proved. Tripura has 19 different tribes, each having different custom and different language. Yet we stay together.
Then why is that North East not known to the country. Each state has its own beauty, own dish, own culture different from the rest of the country. Yet the tourism department of the North-eastern states doesn’t earn much. It’s because, though tourists know about its beauty, they do not find it friendly enough for a vacation. But that is completely a myth. People are friendly in Northeast and happy to help. But can friendship be one sided?
I am not requesting the people to love us. I want people to know us; because once you know us you will love us automatically!
Finally to help all the readers who struggled in the first question, here is the answer:

  1. Arunachal Pradesh –       Itanagar
  2. Assam                          –        Dispur
  3. Manipur                     –        Imphal
  4. Meghalaya                 –       Shillong
  5. Mizoram                      –       Aizawl
  6. Nagaland                    –       Kohima
  7. Sikkim                         –       Gangtok
  8. Tripura                       –       Agartala



Obama and America’s future can be learnt later. Let us KNOW about our OWN country first. Let our culture flow. Let us be friends. Northeast isn’t different. Northeast is INDIA!


  1. When hit by the following Question “Hey, dude where are you from”?
    My answer these days “Guess!!”, then the follow up question by the random dude would be something like “Nepal?!!” and I am like “You got me dude! that’s where I am from(in my head: Fuck you asshole)”

  2. Very interesting post and you are right to feel like this, to complain, after all you can only be Indian if you feel Indian, but if you are ignored throughout your life then how can u feel a part of this nation? In fact out here in HK there are a couple of people from East India but we always thought that they were from Nepal!! Got to know about our ignorance after we spoke to them. Indeed nature’s beauty is abundant in your world but sometimes being ignored may just help to preserve it….hey but that doesn’t mean I don;t agree with you.

    1. Thanks a lot Mehroo for liking it. 🙂 Its really hurts to know that the ignorance is not just in India but also in Hong Kong as well.I feel people should really start being a bit responsible about their own country now.
      Thanks for coming down. Keep visiting 🙂

  3. There is no doubt that many Indians don’t know much about NE. Similarly people don’t know much about “Dadra and Nagar Haveli”, “Daman and Diu”, “Lakshadweep” etc . There’s nothing much to worry about as it’s nothing more than “lack of knowledge”. I am Assam and stayed one year in Delhi and staying in Bangalore from last 8 years.

    I have posted something couple of months back.

    1. Thanks a lot Jahid for visiting this post.:) Its really nice to know that you are from Assam. I read your post and you mentioned that people found it easy to recognize Assam. That’s true because Assam is well known than the rest of the states in NE. I completely agree with you on the fact of ignorance. But then it shouldn’t be like this right? I know that Daman and Diu and Dadar & Nagar Havelli are not well known… But atleast you can imagine their location on the map. But whenever its NE, people seem to be too reluctant to even guess their existance. Thats sad. And thats too irresponsible I feel.
      Anyways, Thanks for coming down. Keep visiting 🙂

  4. Shamik I am one of those shattered Indian who knows the truth about Arunachal Pradesh . if u check google map, the confusion of any Indian wud be doubled becoz the world knws a different map of India while our books of ICSE ,CBSE or regional boards show us a wrong map! North East India in particular was always avoided by the central govt but now with north eastern coming out and spreading around the rest of the parts of the country,at least , the number of ppl trying to guess if a north eastern is an Indian or not,has minimized !
    Almost every Indian govt has kept shut on the China issue ! Why the govt in Centre not asking China to stop ****ing around in Indian territory is the biggest Indian mystery for commoners like us !

    1. Thanks Mysay. I totally agree with you on the fact of the maps that the world knows and we Indians know and also that the Indian Govt really is doing nothing about the China issue. Infact it is guessed that China is preparing to attack India someday from all sides. Because of that it has already got a foot hold in the northeast (Arunachal), Pakistan will any day help them from the west and few days back China was trying to create a base in the Indian Ocean as well. I really would be delighted if you bring this problem into notice to the rest of the people using your cartoons. Really looking forward to see some of your works on this topic. 🙂

      1. well,i had mentioned this issue on a couple of previous posts on the site and even i fear Chinese intentions and govts reluctant mentality on china ! Yes i have never expressed my displeasure of Indian Govt keeping shut on china issue,through cartoons which i’ll surely do now bro!

  5. I like the helpful info you provide in your articles. I’ll bookmark your weblog and check again here regularly. I am quite certain I’ll learn a lot of new stuff right here! Good luck for the next!

  6. Oh dude. Big time NE is uninvolved! We all know its unfair and the positive part is the youth wants to know now. People talk about the Indo-china war these days, the media is issuing timelines of the war and the status these days. You are right, its not enough. But Change takes time., Even though this one’s slow and has angered much of the NE youths – I have friends whose families have suffered so much and i know how frustrating all this could be. But I guess, with the rest of the country even the NE youth should participate to make itself loud and known. Because people care.
    PS – this is in reference to a friend who is not even looking at us because he is pissed (peer pressure) and doesn’t consider himself an Indian anymore! Can you believe that? 😐
    Amazing post Shamik. Loved it.

    1. Thank you Shalini. 🙂 I agree that even NE guys should come up but for that first more and more NE youths have to educated first. There’s not much development over there. And even I have met few of my NE friends who refer me as “You guys” as if we are Indians and they are someone different. And that is obviously because of the anger!

  7. That was a piece well-written… I do agree with you!! But being Mother Nature’s own land, I must say that if it does get more involved in the country’s political system, the natural resources and the beauty of this land will be in great danger from being exploited… I would say that the north-eastern states have retained their natural glory and their traditional culture only because they have remained aloof from the country’s central system… But of course, this is just one side of the coin… I really enjoyed reading this piece…

    1. Thanks a lot for liking it. 🙂
      It is true that NE has somehow managed to retain its natural glory, but very few places are under restoration. There is a place called “Unakoti” (meaning: one less than a crore) in Tripura which is believed to have one less than a crore rock cut images of different Gods once upon a time. But due to natural disasters there are only a few of them left now, which I fear will not stay for long if restoration isn’t done. The another ironic point is this is the only place in the world other than Cambodia, where you find rock cut sculptures of only the face of Gods. Its a great thing for historians but not known to the world! Sad but true.

      1. Wow!! I have never heard of this place before… Must visit it the next time I make a trip there… Thanks for the information!! And I really hope that it does not get completely destroyed…

  8. Maybe we in northeast should start spoiling our geography. Trust this, next time you visit any of the northern states or southern states, annoy the locals by sounding illiterate about their state, like go to Karnataka and tell the locals you though Karnataka is in Tamil Nadu. lol…

  9. yes its unfortunate but true…I inspired by ur this blog and My organisation made a poster in JNU(Delhi) to show the beauty and diversity of Northeastern part of India so that people know the rich heritage of their own country..Thank u

    1. Thank you Binit for going through this blog. And thank you and your organization again for doing the hardwork of creating this basic awareness among the people about their own country. Please keep up the good work and let me know if I could be of any help.

  10. Thanks for the article on northeast india. Hope this will help some of the mainland indians come to know more about our land.
    Visit for more stories about our land and people

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