The Shadow of the Sun


Like the outcasted man,

Drenched deep till the bone.

Guilt, guilt you are

Forever standing alone.

Guilt, guilt you are,

With that ugly face.

Guilt, guilt you are

Ready to embrace.

Guilt, guilt you never,

You never give a choice.

Guilt, guilt you killed

Killed the inner voice.

Moments of peace,

Pieces of joy,

You  crushed all of them

Embracing the boy.

Guilt, guilt you are

Guilt you are the shame.

Guilt, guilt you are

You are the blame!

Guilt, guilt you are

Hidden within a suicidal man.

Guilt, you are within

The one who never can.

Guilt , Guilt, you are

Like the shadow of sun,

You were never there

But still can never run.

Guilt, you killed a soul,

You let it go free.

Guilt you are not guilty

Guilty for killing three.

The Life was ripped off

Ripped as you slowly came.

Let the souls rest in peace

With the guilt in my name!



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