Twenty Five


The story started long back,

Long is the journey,

Time is flowing fast,

It’s already five and a twenty!


So many things to share,

So  many voices in the head.

So many reckless decisions,

All count to five and twenty!


The quarter of a life,

The quarter of distress,

The quarter of memories,

It is five and a twenty!


The things to do,

The wish list in your pocket,

The things yet to see

All turn to  five and a twenty.


The damaged soul,

The broken wings,

The desire to dream,

Fading slowly with five and twenty



The chains are still strong,

The shackles stronger even.

It’s time to break them free.

It’s five and a twenty!


One last chance,

One last time to live.

It is now or never.

It is five and a twenty.


The story may be old

Long may be the journey,

Things can still be mended,

It’s just five and a twenty!


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