The ‘Hoax Call’ Diaries – [ Episode 7]


After the show, the drive was much needed.

As soon as Daddy pressed the accelerator, we started accusing each other of making mistakes on stage. And it continued all the way. Daddy took us to a famous “chai” shop near the railway station. It was cold because of the recent rains. So we all had our jackets on. Sam was allowed to smoke as the show was over. We did not allow him to smoke for three days. We sat near the car ,drinking the famous tea. Just then Sam started the conversation.

“I think even if we made mistakes, we presented very well. No one could figure out the errors.”

“Exactly. I think the swap thing had worked too’, said Deep as he finally lit up a cigarette after almost finishing half of the matchbox.

“I think we need new songs, said Daddy passing the matchbox.

Making a song was not that easy. It took a lot of time and effort. I felt that although we were ready, but we still needed to do some homework.

“I think Sam should start writing.” I said.

Sam had a good sense of writing.

“I already have five songs written, my friend. And I have been shouting from day one to compose them,” replied an angry Sam.

We decided to start making more songs once we reached college back.

As we geared to move, we suddenly realised that the results will be declared in some time from now.

“Even we hold a chance to win it; or we don’t?” I thought all the way.

But when we reached the venue back, before getting down, Sam said,

“We had come here to perform well, we did. If we lose, we will be remembered. If we win, we will be remembered. We have already won!! “

Sam told something that made complete sense. It was our first band contest and we were happy with our performance. Crowd liked us. What else could be better?

When we reached the venue, the last band was playing.

They were trying the cover of a song from ‘Bullet for my Valentine”

After their performance, the judges came with the result.

Though, I could see tense faces, I myself was completely content.

After creating a huge “Aw” of suspense, the judges named “Hoax Call’ as the best among all the bands.

For sometime, we were startled. The crowd’s cheer proved that they were clearly happy with the decision. It was a great win for us. Something that was very amazing.

The next day we went to the BIG92.5 FM for the talk show. When we reached the office, the receptionist asked us to sit, while she called someone on the intercom.

The office was not much big. But however was very well designed. The walls were red with different posters of the radio station on the walls. There was a table for the receptionist in the centre. There were two couches on either side. We sat on the couch waiting to be called.

After 10 minutes, a man came and took us to the recording studio.

There we met our RJ. She was RJ Kritika.

“Hi I am Kriti”, she said as we introduced ourselves.

Chapter Six.

The band on stage was on-fire. They were really exceptional. The crowd were cheering for them.

Deep knew it would be hard for them to beat such bands, but it was still not sure whether they were playing that night. Dg still didn’t come. Deep felt nervous. He wanted to talk to Daddy about it.

Daddy was, however, still on phone.

“Long- distance seems to kill him” thought Deep as he saw Daddy busy giving a lot of explainations over phone.

Deep thought about the first meeting; the first time they met Kriti.

Deep Speaks

Kriti asked us to sit as she started airing the show.

“Hello Rourkella”, she began, “welcome to BIG 92.5 FM , ‘suno sunao, life banao’. I m RJ Kriti and as promised, today I have got with me on studio the band that rocked the city last night. Yes, we have the HOAX CALL”, she said.

Her voice was really as pretty as she was.

Right from the moment we entered, all of us were struck by her. And we all saw the same drool on each other’s face.

As we adjusted the mic in front of us, all of us had the same thought, “she is hot”.

As she began the talk show, for a moment we started feeling like celebrities. Kriti asked us to sing a song, and Sam sang the Juliet dedicating it to her and Daddy played the guitar saying it was hard to play in front of a pretty lady like her.

Unfortunately, we could not connect bass guitar or drums in the studio and so, we went for an acoustic version of the song. The result was however, sad, because me and dg were left out of the conversations.

Both daddy and Sam were racing to better the flirting.

Deep Ban


After the talk show ended, Kriti said,

“You guys look fun. It was great speaking with you guys”,

“It was nice speaking to you too Kriti. By the way, what are you doing   tonight? Why don’t you join us?” asked Daddy.

Kriti thought for a moment about any prior commitments and to our luck, agreed.

That night we went to one of Daddy’s friend’s party.

The guy was staying in a rented apartment.

We were ten-fifteen guys in the party including Kriti.

Krtiti however knew few of the friends from other source. As the night went, Kriti and Daddy seemed to be more engaged with their friends.

Since we three were just not acquainted with the rest of the guys and Daddy was in no mood to include us in his conversation, we concentrated on the pegs.

By the mid of the night, we slept off.

It was perhaps, the next day morning, when I woke up for the toilet, I saw Kriti and Daddy in the balcony. They still had a beer. They were busy talking.

That sight was however, extremely envious.

Next day we went back to college.


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